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Maggie Grace bio
Very few newcomers in the entertainment industry have had as successful a run as Maggie Grace has. Despite having made some bad calls early in her career, such as the disastrously bad remake of John Carpenter's "The Fog" in 2005, Maggie Grace is still making a solid name for herself. Quite recently, she was in her most prominent role on the hit TV show "Lost" as Shannon Rutherford. This lovely and slender actress with the golden locks has a relatively short, though not completely unimpressive, filmography. Her first appearance was in 2002, for the web-based broadcast of "Rachel's Room," a show that documented the angst and trials of a girl named Rachel Reed. While a web-based production is not exactly everyone's idea of a career-starting appearance, Grace ran away with the experience and used it to work on her then-rough acting skills. She is slated to appear in the film "The Girls' Guide To Hunting And Fishing" in mid-2007, taking on the part of Chloe.

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