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Maggie Gyllenhaal bio
Sometimes, acting runs in a person's family, as is the case with Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen. In the case of the Gyllenhaals, comparable also to her brother, Jake, is Maggie Gyllenhaal Though she has yet to make it into a more controversial film like her sibling, Maggie's most memorable role (so far) came in the film "Secretary," which has given her the most exposure so far. Prior to that, she appeared in the films "Waterland" and "Homegrown," both films being helmed by Maggie's father. Her later appearance in "Mona Lisa Smile" didn't give her multitude of fans the exposure they wanted, though she's set to appear in a more prominent part in the upcoming film "Criminal," co-produced by George Clooney. Maggie's talent is often seen as unusual and disarming. Those qualities are best exemplified in her numerous guest appearances in a wide variety of films, such as "40 Days And 40 Nights" and "Riding In Cars With Boys," alongside established superstar Drew Barrymore.

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