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Maria Bello bio
Born to a construction worker and a nurse, Maria Elana Bello, along with her sister and two brothers, belongs to a normal type of family. She used to live in simple shack, so she never thought that she would be involved in acting. But when she joined in an elective class during her senior year at the Villanova University in Philadelphia, she started her acting career. After she graduated, she transferred to a new house in New York with a mere three hundred dollars with the hope to shine as a professional actress. Starting out as a simple dog walker, bartender, and cleaning lady, Bello soon developed her craft by joining theater acts such as "Small town Gals With", "Big Problems", "The Killer Inside Me," "Young Frankenstein," "His Pillow," "Big Talk," "A Lie Of The Mind," "Talked Away," "After The Fact," and "Out Of Gas On Lover's Leap." These films are evidences of Bello’s successful acting career and as gratitude, she established the Dream Yard Project for Kids---an arts foundation for children.

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