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Maria Grazia Cucinotta bio
Born on the 27th of July 1969, Maria Grazia Cucinotta used to live in Sicily, Italy. So, at age 16, when she already had the body of a supermodel, she went to Milan to pursue a modeling career. But apparently, modeling was not enough for this young woman; thus, after graduating from high school, she went on to hone her acting skills. Fortunately, Maria was able to begin her acting career by auditioning in a well-known Roman TV show entitled "Indietro Tutta." Though she believed in her acting talent, Maria thrived to outshine her fellow Italian competitors by learning English to change her Italian accent. From that time, this gorgeous actress starred in different Italian films including the award-winning "Il Postino," which was her debut movie and where she played the role of the lead actor's love interest. Eventually, Maria appeared in many American films and has now become among the sexiest Italian actress on the Hollywood big screen.

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