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Maria Menounos bio
Maria Menounos is a well-known correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and Channel One News. She entered school with only one career in mind---Journalism. Because of her love for this course, Menounos sometimes went to school late just to watch CNN every morning. In 1995, Menounos was awarded Miss Massachusetts but still wanted to pursue a journalism career. So after college, Menounos started as a simple Channel One News reporter. As years passed, she became the top correspondent for this news channel. When the news show Entertainment Tonight (ET) saw her potential to be big, they immediately offered this talented reporter a contract to be one of their correspondents. Just after a couple of months with ET, she was regarded as one of the business’ famous faces. She also entered the magazine industry but not as a correspondent-- as a model. When FHM published her in a bikini, she became the content of tabloids since then. There is also a rumor that she is going out with the famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel.

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