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Martina Hingis bio
Martina Hingis or "Swiss Miss" is known for her achievements in tennis. This distinguished woman was a champion in Wimbledon, Switzerland, Australian championship, and US Open at age 15, the youngest in record. In 1997, she won a prestigious Grand Slam award by winning almost every match, whether in doubles or in singles category. Sadly, she had injuries on her ligaments that caused her early retirement at age 22. Fortunately in 2005, Martina announced her comeback after undertaking several operations. She then joined several key tournaments like Australia, Gold Coast, Rome Tier I, India, and Tokyo and won 3 titles from among those competitions. She reached rank number 6 in the singles division and also qualified as a participant in Madrid for the WTA Tour Championship. Overall, Hingis won thirty six doubles, forty singles championships, and was in number one spot among leading tennis players for 209 weeks, which is the fourth longest record in the tennis world.

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