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Meg Tilly bio
Meg Tilly had never informed the public of her place and date of birth because she opts to separate her acting career and public life. But even with her discretion, she still is known as one ambitious woman. When she was young, Meg wanted to be a dancer but her spine injury hindered that dream. Amazingly, without any plan of becoming an actress, Meg soon found herself in the film industry in her debut movie entitled “Fame.” After starring in some notable projects, in 1985, Meg had her first nomination for the Oscars for her role in “Sister Agnes,” where she played a mother who killed her firstborn baby. In 1990, her projects diminished and she was nowhere to be found on and off-screen. It was in late 1994 when she starred in the show “Winnetka Road” and published her book entitled “Singing Songs” that made people notice her comeback. Up to now, she still keeps her private life for herself.

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