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Melinda Messenger bio
Melinda started out her career not as a model but rather as a simple flight attendant in a well-known airline company. After that, she became an office manager for a couple of years until she realized that there is more to life than the typical 9 am to 5 pm career. So, young Melinda started her modeling career when she worked for Glevum Windows' firm. Without knowing that she would become famous, Melinda posed for a poster that became a hit to the public, especially to youngsters. This led her to more opportunities, the most important of which was her tie-up with famous Yvonne Paul. Only a year later, Melinda became “the Face of Channel 5.” Aside from modeling, Melinda also starred in a number of shows such as "The Jack Docherty Show" and "Melinda Messenger Hits Hollywood." As a result of her celebrity career, Melinda put up her own TV show entitled "Melinda's Big Night."

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