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Melissa George bio
Because of her strong drive to become a model, Melissa George stopped her studies and set aside her other careers at the tender age of 16. She used to be a dancer and a rollerskater who participated in international competitions. But as she was more inclined to modeling, she joined events and won her first title as Western Australia's Teenage Model of the Year. After a year, she received a Golden Logie Award for the show "Home and Away." Melissa wanted more than TV shows, which was why she entered the film industry. Her first movie is “Dark City,” where she had a relatively small part. But this small role surged her acting career and soon, she was in various movies including "Mulholland Drive," "The Limey," and "Sugar and Spice." Her latest films include "Derailed" and "The Amityville Horror." After a while, she decided to go back to TV shows and starred in "Thieves,” "LA Confidential,” and "Alias."

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