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Melissa Joan Hart bio
At a tender age of 3, Melissa Joan Hart started her acting career in a TV commercial that endorsed a bathroom toy known as "Splashy." A couple of years later, she already had over 25 ads under her belt. After conquering the commercials, she entered the TV show industry and had minor roles in "Kane & Abel," "Christmas Snow," and "Saturday Night Live." Before this famous actress engaged in films, she ventured in Broadway by starring in shows like "Clarissa Explains It All" and "The Crucible." She decided to take a break for a while by returning to school but it seemed that fate wanted her to be an actress, so she landed a role in the movie "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." Her performance turned out to be a success, and she soon found herself playing Sabrina regularly on TV. Later in her career, she drew attention to herself by posing sexily for a menís magazine, Maxim-- a move that is somehow contradictory to her wholesome image. However, despite the intrigues, Melissa managed to put up her own film company known as Hartbreak Films.

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