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Mena Suvari bio
Mena Adrienne Suvari started out by lying about how old she was when she signed up with a modeling agency. She told them she was already 13 but, in fact, she was really just 12. Anyway, Mena bagged the modeling stint and one of her premiere clients was Rice-A-Roni. Later, she decided to spread her wings and go into acting. So she started her career in the series "Boy Meets World," which was followed by "Chicago" and "ER." Soon, she got into the movie business by playing roles on "Nowhere," "Kiss the Girls," and "The Rage: Carrie 2." Though her biggest hit of all time was "American Pie," where she played the role of a virgin girl, she was recognized for her performance in the critically acclaimed "American Beauty." Even with her acting projects, Mena still has not totally left the modeling world. She still became one of the choice cover girls for Vanity and Cosmopolitan. Meanwhile, these stints were balanced by her involvement in more films like "American Pie 2," "Sugar and Spice," and recent projects such as "Standing Still," "Beauty Shop," "Living and Breathing," and HBO's "Trauma."

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