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Mia Kirshner bio
Being a child of celebrated German writer Sidney Sheldon and English professor Etti, Mia Kirshner shows no signs of being inclined to literature or school. Instead, this young woman's dream is to become an actress. So, Mia did not hesitate to enter the acting industry and from then on, she became part of several films like "The Freshman," wherein she starred with famous actors Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick. Other films include "Mad City," "Saturn," "Cowboys," and "Not Another Teen Movie," wherein this actress portrayed a character related to rebellion or prostitution. On the other hand, Mia became really famous in the TV series "Dracula." When Mia is not acting, she enjoys dancing particularly jazz, salsa, and other ballroom dances. Though Mia was born in Canada on the 25th of January 1975, this young actress is currently residing in Los Angeles, where she keeps herself away from the media to avoid intrigues and gossips.

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