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Mia Sara bio
Also known as Mia Sarapocciello, Mia Sara was born to a photographer and a stylist on the 18th June 1967 in New York. After going to St. Ann's School and Barnard College, Mia engaged in private piloting studies and obtained her license in 1994. When Mia was in her early acting career in 1986, she did not know how to act naturally; that was why in the film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," Mia's foot had to be tickled just to make her laugh in a certain scene. In her movie career, she also had the chance to work with the famous leading man, Tom Cruise for the film "Legend" in 1980. After working hard in the show business, Mia decided to settle down in 1996 with Jason Connery, son of award-winning actor Sean Connery. Prior to having her divorce in 2002, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Dashiell Quinn. Today, Mia still enjoys flying and acting, but prefers more to stay home, read, or play with her 2 terriers.

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