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Michelle Branch bio
Michelle Branch, born on the 2nd of July 1983, is from Arizona. Though she had parents who were not musically inclined---her father was a plumber while her mother was a manager---young Michelle still loved listening to classic favorites, including the Beatles. As a child, Michelle enjoyed being part of stage plays like "Oklahoma," "Cats," and "The Sound of Music." Not long after, she became involved in a project that lead her to an interest in music; in particular, the concert "New Kids on the Block" lighted up her sleeping passion for music. So when she realized her dream as a famous musician, Michelle humbly asked Gina Bettum to coach her, though she already got the voice. Michelle learned a lot from Gina, from singing the right pitch to singing with her heart, mind, and soul. She became so involved in her passion for music that as part of her training, Michelle joined a church choir just to be able to practice her singing talent every week. Until now, Michelle Branch remains popular and so far, she has released a number of albums, had several concerts, and created a lot of music videos. With all her achievements, Michelle has definitely become a hit in the buzzing music industry.

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