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Mimi Rogers bio
Miriam Spickler, or better known as Mimi, was born in Florida on the 27th of January 1956. Though her whole family moved to California in her childhood, she was able to finish her studies at age 14. After school, Mimi decided to go into acting so she did community theater and got the hang of it. Eventually, she made her appearances on "Hill Street Blues," "Magnum," "Hart to Hart," and other shows. In 1983, she became a hit by starring in movies "Blue Skies Again," "Someone to Watch Over Me," and "Gung Ho." As she rose to fame in the 80s, she met fellow actor, Tom Cruise, who was also enjoying his own career peak. The two got married in 1987, but the relationship soon ended with a divorce three years later. Even with her failed marriage with Cruise, Mimi continued with her movie projects like "The Mirror Has Two Faces" and "Austin Powers," which gave her a value of $67 million. Mimi also appeared in TV shows such as "X-Files" and "The Geena Davis Show." At present, Mimi is having a blast with husband Chris Ciaffa and her two kids.

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