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Minnie Driver bio
Known for her common roles in films and TV as either a girlfriend or wife of famous stars like Matt Damon or Brad Pitt, Minnie Driver exists as among the best Hollywood actors. Born in England and raised in the city of Barbados, this dynamic woman was also a good musician before she found a role in "The House of Elliot," a TV show in Britain. She worked in a couple of clubs and stages for jazz music. Her first big break in show business was when she won the part for "Circle of Friends." Since then, Minnie also starred in the movie "Good Will Hunting" and voiced-over as Jane in the animated film "Tarzan." Though she has somehow taken a leave from the public eye, Minnie is involved in several films and major productions. She has also released her much-awaited album entitled "Everything Iíve Got In My Pocket," which came to the racks in 2004. Minnie's latest venture was in theater with the play "The Virgin of Juarez."

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