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Molly Parker bio
Molly Parker was born in June 1972 in Mapple Ridge, Canada. Though she was known for her starring roles in different American and Canadian independent films, her famous acts were in HBO’s TV series "Six Feet Under" and "Deadwood." Before becoming one of the characters on the famous series, Molly has already long been active in show business. She first appeared in Lynne Stopkewich's film entitled "Kissed," which earned her an award for her famous portrayal of a necrophiliac. Afterwards, she became engaged in projects that offered similarly controversial and challenging roles. In fact, she was well known for taking up roles that were very difficult like being a sympathetic dancer, a female rabbi, and a paid escort. Because of her great talent in acting, Molly soon starred in famous movies like "Hate Mail," "The Wicker Man," and "The Good Shepherd"---all of which are known as some of the best films in the industry. Even these days, Molly engages in different movie projects, picking projects that are somehow lined with her role interests. Though busy with her demanding job, Molly still loves to chill in the comfort of her home.

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