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Monique Gabrielle bio
Katherine Gonzalez, or better known on screen as Monique Gabrielle, was born in the city of Kansas in Missouri on the July 30, 1963. With a height of 5'6", Monique has taken advantage of her assets and has decided to pursue a career in the adult industry. Monique’s efforts at being the best in her chosen path were later rewarded. Her career blossomed and climbed the charts when she received the title "Pet of the Month" from the famous Penthouse Magazine. Her job as a famous B-movie actress flourished when she starred in bongo flicks such as "Body Chemistry 2: Voice of a Stranger," "Bachelor Party," "Silk 2," "Hamburger," "The Return of the Swamp Thing," "Deathstalker 2," and her famous "Emmanuelle V." Aside from these, ahe also starred in "Bad Girls IV" where she posed nude for about two minutes. She has a lot of screen names which include Lucy Burnett, Luana Chass, and Monique. According to Femme Fatales Magazine, she was ranked number 5 in Sci-Fi's Sexiest B-Queens.

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