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Nastassja Kinski bio
Nastassja Kinski became an international sensation because of the landmark movie "Tess" directed by acclaimed filmmaker Roman Polanski where her performance gave her a Golden Globe award. Before that, Nastassja had also given sterling performances in several other films like "The Wrong Move" and "To the Devil a Daughter", movies which unwittingly projected her as a sex symbol. Along with the popularity came several controversies for Nastassja. One was her reported romantic involvement with Polanski, a man who was old enough to be her grandfather. The affair did not last long though, and Nastassja eventually moved on to doing several other movies, including "One from the Heart" which was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in collaboration with Dean Tavoularis. Subsequent film outings, however, proved to be unsuccessful for Nastassja as many of these did not fare well at the tills. These included relatively large projects like "The Hotel New Hampshire" where she co-starred alongside Rob Lowe and Jodie Foster and "Unfaithfully Yours" which paired her with Dudley Moore.

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