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Natalia Estrada bio
Natalia Estrada began her career in acting as a presenter in several Miss Spain beauty contests and in various TV news and sports telecasts before deciding to jump to the bigger league, which is the movies. She was offered a role in "Aqui, El Que No Corre" As Vuela in 1992, considered by many to be her screen debut, but her first real hit was the film "The Cyclone". Natalia could have had an earlier taste of fame had the deal with "La quinta marcha", a TV musical program aired on the Telecinco channel, pushed through because it would have meant co-starring with actress Penelope Cruz. The deal failed to materialize, but Natalia nevertheless got other TV offers, including a small part in "El Club de Flo" in 2006. Aside from Spanish TV, Natalia was also fortunate to have entered the Italian small screen circuit, where she got involved in two popular Italian TV shows, namely, "Campioni di ballo" and "Il Quizzone". Her latest project though, is with the Spanish TV program "Mira quien baila" where she appeared in three of its episodes last January.

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