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Natalia Vodianova bio
Natalia Vodianova hails from Gorky in Russia and took formal modeling lessons at the tender age of 15. With her stunning European looks, it did not take long before casting agencies took notice of her. Realizing, however, that her career would really take off if she knew how to speak English, Natalia decided to learn the language, and after three months, she flew to Paris. Soon after, Gucci took her in to promote its new perfume line. This was quickly followed by a series of runway shows that, to date, counts to over 40 although the most prominent of these would have to be her spring show for Calvin Klein. Other popular designers that Natalia eventually accepted projects for were those with Miss Sixty, Marc Jacobs, L’Oreal, Pepe Jeans, and Louis Vuitton. Additionally, Natalia did another show for Calvin Klein where she showcased his Euphoria perfume collection. In late 2002, Natalia exchanged vows with Justin Portman, said to be a Viscount’s son with whom she has two children, five-year-old Lucas and one-year-old Neva. Natalia recently posed for the magazine Vogue along with little Neva.

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