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Nelly Furtado bio
A Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, Nelly Furtado was born December 2, 1978 in Canada. At a very young age, she was already exposed to music as she and her mom sang a duet at a local church during Portugal Day. Several years later, she learned to play a number of musical instruments, adding to her natural musical talent. When she was in eleventh grade, she met the underground hip-hop group "Crazy Cheese" and contributed vocals to their album in 1996. She was then discovered in 1997 by singer Gerald Eaton when she performed at the "Honey Jam," which is a female talent show. Along with Brian West -- a band mate of Eaton, Nelly wrote and produced her demo tape which resulted into a recording deal with Dreamworks Production. Her debut album entitled "Whoa, Nelly!" became an instant success with four Grammy nominations. Recently, she gave birth to her first son and is enjoying the success of her third album "Loose."

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