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Nicole Eggert bio
Nicole Elizabeth Eggert is more popularly known as an American actress who literally jumped to fame with her role as Summer Quinn in the hit TV Series 'Baywatch". At the same time, her talent is well recognized for her portrayal of Jamie Powell's role in "Charles in Charge", a popular TV series. Nicole's quest for stardom actually began when she was encouraged by her mother to join beauty pageants. This petite but undeniably lovely lady has already shown potential even if at a young age. She landed a participation in Miss Universe when she was yet five years old. Apparently, due to her noticeable beauty, she captured the attention of an agent who offered Nicole an opportunity to star in a commercial for Johnson's Baby Shampoo. This participation eventually made way for more offers. Nicole finally caught herself acting in "Rich and Famous" together with the talented Jacqueline Bisset and Candice Bergen. Moreover, Nicole can be seen in the cover of "Lemonade and Brownies" -- the 1995 album label of the band Sugar Ray. Two years ago, Nicole got to participate as Ginger in the primary edition of "The Real Gilligan's Island", a popular reality show. She has been married to Justin Herwick with a daughter named Dilyn, born 1998. She is good friends with Christina Applegate, and the first guest star to appear in the "Super Mario Bros. Super Show."

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