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Ninel Conde bio
Ninel Herrera Conde is a famous singer, model, and actress who was born on September 29, 1970 in Mexico. Serious as she was to become an actress, Ninel enrolled in a center for theater acting that was under the care of two Mexican entertainment bigwigs. After that experience, Ninel on several Mexican TV soaps: Luz Clarita, Bajo el Mismo Rostro, Como en el cine, and Catalina y Sebastian. Aside from that, Ninel also participated in TV game shows. She also was cast in Mujeres Frente al Espejo, which enabled her to work with veteran actors and director Sergio Jimenez. For the later, Ninel was given the Palmas de Oro acting award, while she also got another from her Catalina y Sebastian Soap Opera. As a singer, Ninel enjoyed a moderate amount of success for her self-titled debut album, and this is partly due to a duet she had with her then boyfriend Jose Manuel Figueroa. Ninel is also part of the cast of the hit show Ugly Betty. For this show, Ninel plays a telenovela star on the soap opera that the family of Betty watches religiously. Ninel has two children, Kelly and Sofia.

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