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Odalys Garcia bio
Odalys Garcia was born in Cuba on October 23, 1975 and is an actress, television show host, singer, and model. She started her career when she was only 13, when she arrived in Miami and became a teen model. A few years later, she became a host of a program that made her a household name to Hispanic people. Her big break came when she was chosen to join the Spanish version of Candid Camera, the Lente Loco, and this was when her popularity even went higher. Soon, she became a cover and calendar girl, became featured in gossip tabloids, and she was the spokeswoman of the Club Musica Latina. Her acting stint started when she was offered a part in Morelia, a Spanish drama. While working on this, she was also a radio disc jockey during mornings at the WQBA. Odalys' dream is to become a singer, and she was assisted by Selena Quintanilla's father to slowly realize this dream.

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