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Olivia Dabo bio
Olivia d'Abo is an actress who was born and raised in United Kingdom. Her accent has been a noticeable factor for her acting, but she was able to learn the American accent for she has done numerous TV and film appearances. Her first acting stint was when she appeared in a television commercial. When she turned 15, she starred in the TV series Conan the Destroyer. Olivia also became popular when she played as hippie sister in the ABC-produced The Wonder Years. After Olivia’s acting stint in The Wonder Years, she played free-spirited and sexpot characters in some TV series and films. Her career as a movie actress boosted when she starred in the mid-90s films like Clean State, The Big Green, and Live Nude Girls. Before the break of the year 2000, Olivia d’Abo became a part of The Single Guy, an NBC sitcom that was aired in 1996 until 1997.

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