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Most celebrities have a hard time containing themselves when the urge to party comes along. Of course, being celebrities, it is harder for them to deal with the repercussions of their wild ways. After one wild night, actress-turned-TV-show-host Paige Davis is starting to feel the consequences of some controversial actions she performed during "Broadway Bares," a charity event. But beyond this incident, American audiences best know Davis as the TLC network's host for "Trading Spaces," which is a reality show centered around the re-modeling and redecoration of people's homes. There is more than a bit of suspicion that the story and the pictures of her antics during the charity show are the reasons for her removal as host of the aforementioned TV show. Keeping her original last name, Davis, after marrying Patrick Paige, she took part in a number of commercials while she was in Los Angeles and briefly had the part of Roxie in the original Broadway version of "Chicago."

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