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Pamela Denise is from British Columbia and born on July 1, 1967. She was already famous even at birth because she was known to be Canada's "Centennial Child." But even with her claim to fame during her first few seconds on earth, Pamela may have already knew that her popularity would only get bigger as she grows older. At a young age, Pamela already had what it takes to be a model. In fact, Pamela's modeling career began when one photographer discovered her while she was innocently scourging books from the library. Young Pamela was chosen to be the face of a certain product, which later appeared all over British Columbia. Her second accidental discovery was when she was in Vancouver watching a game. She was featured on the big screen because she was donning a Labatt t-shirt at that time. Labatt asked her if she could pose for the company and be its new carrier face. Since then, a lot of magazines have approached her and asked her to be their model. These magazines include Hef, Playboy, and Sports Illutrated. She also played a role in the TV series "Baywatch," which brought a lot of controversies in her life, including those surrounding her projects and relationships.

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