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Pamela Sue Martin bio
She's most remembered for her role as Nancy Drew in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mystery as well as Fallon Carrington Colby in the beloved nightly soap, Dynasty. But before Pamela Sue Martin made these television roles memorable, she began her career as a model when she was 17. Her first big role was in “The Poseidon Adventure,” with Gene Hackman, which she got two years later. After this film opportunity, she landed more and more jobs on the small screen. Pamela Sue Martin was quickly gaining popularity as a television actress, and this caught the attention of the folks at Playboy. She then appeared in the July 1978 issue of this magazine. Pamela Sue Martin has had quite a career, but she faced many challenges along the way, and the most difficult one was her battle against interstitial cystitis. She has penned a book about her struggles with the disease. She is actively supportive of many environmental causes. Also, she runs her own Idaho-based theater company.

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