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Patricia Velasquez bio
Patricia Velasquez is famous for her previous Sports Illustrated career. She has also been featured in Maxim Magazine's list of Hot 100 Women and Stuff Magazine's list of Sexiest Women in the World. But don't be deceived by the good looks because she is a self-proclaimed bisexual, having been dating mostly women since early 90s. She was into fashion modeling before she ventured into acting. Her best known portrayal was her appearance in the movie The Mummy and its sequel The Mummy Returns as Anck-Su-Namun, the Pharaoh's untouchable wife. Patricia Carola Velasquez Semprun was born on January 31, 1971 in Zulia, Valenzuela of Amerindian and Spanish decent. This perhaps is the reason for her striking exotic features. Her parents were both teachers, and she lived most of her life in Mexico and in France. She also has Wayuu tribal ancestry which prompted her to establish the Wayuu Taya Foundation, a non-profit organization to help the Venezuelan indigenous group Wayuu.

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