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Paulina Rubio bio
Paulina Rubio, also known as the Golden Girl, is a Mexican actress and singer, who has been nominated in both the Grammy's and the Latin Grammy's. Paulina Rubio was born on June 17, 1971 in Mexico City, Mexico and she began her career at age 10. She became part of the group Timbiriche, and with this group, she made 11 albums. But aside from her singing stint with the group, Paulina Rubio also launched her acting career and she began to star in soap operas. The most memorable of her soap roles was Andrea in the hit show “Baila Conmigo.” After many years, Paulina Rubio left her group and she started to work on her solo career. She debuted with “Lac Chica Dorada” in 1992, and one year later she had a follow-up with “24 Kilates.” In 1995, she came out with “El Tiempo Es Oro,” and her fourth album “ Planeta Paulina” followed soon after. She took a long hiatus from singing, but in 2004, she launched “Pau-Latina” which gained worldwide recognition.

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