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Penelope Ann Miller bio
Penelope Ann Miller, born on January 13, 1964, or more popularly known as Penelope Miller has a very unimpressive acting career, appearing only on several crappy Hollywood films that are not even worthy of mention and has continued to pursue her stagnant career by appearing on completely forgettable supporting roles in both television and film. Her early life is as impressive as her static career. She grew up on Los Angeles, California as the middle daughter of a has-been actor and producer, Mark Miller and a mediocre costume designer and sloppy publicist, Beatrice Ammidown. Millerís career in entertainment started in 1987, in the Hollywood flop Adventures in Babysitting. However, despite her mediocre attempts on film, itís quite surprising that her 2005 movie, Funny Money ended on top of the Sarasota Film Festival. She also appeared in the Fox TV series, Vanished, for half a dozen episodes, playing the role as the ex-wife of a U.S. senator whose wife has mysteriously disappeared.

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