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Peri Gilpin bio
Texas-born actress Peri Gilpin is popularly known for her role in the most acclaimed television series in the United States -- "Frasier". Playing Roz Doyle, Gilpin was one of the only five alums of the show that was never recognized by the Emmy. Her acting was sparked by a meeting with actress Blythe Danner and since then has appeared in several TV shows like "Designing Women", "Cheers", and "Wings" before finally landing the "Frasier" role. Gilpin was born on the 27th of May, 1961 to a respected Philadelphian entertainment personality named Jim O'Brien, who died while skydiving in 1983. She has two actor siblings, Marc and April, and has a husband named Christian Vincent since 1999. After many years of trying, she and Vincent decided to adopt twins born through surrogacy in 2004. At present, Gilpin is a successful voice actress voiced Jane Proudfoot of "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within", Desiree of "Danny Phantom", and Volcana of "Superman: The Animated Series" and "Justice League Unlimited".

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