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Portia de Rossi bio
Hailing from the Land Down Under, Portia de Ross was born on January 31, 1973 in Melbourne Australia as Amanda Lee Rogers. Today, she is more popularly known as Nelle Porter in Ally McBeal. Portia's career set off when she debuted in the movie Sirens in 1994 as a model for a painter set between two World Wars. But her participation in Ally McBeal gave her the international attention. She was given a role she could play well in real life as she once pursued law school. However, she left law school to pursue acting. Portia is known for her status: an open gay. She has been in a relationship with Ellen Degeneres, a comedian, a TV host, and voice of Finding Nemo’s Dory. This however, has not stopped her from becoming a popular Hollywood fixture. Because despite this minor detail, she was named one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

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