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Rachel McAdams bio
Rachel McAdams, a Canadian actress born in Ontario, Canada on October 7, 1976 was first noticed in a very disturbing and yet entertaining portrayal of Regina George or the "Queen Bee" in the Lohan flick Mean Girls. But before that, she was first seen in the movie The Hot Chick opposite Rob Schneider. Later on, she became more popular when she played opposite Ryan Gosling in Nicholas Sparks' adaptation of the novel The Notebook which carries the same title. Aside from the movies which made her big, Rachel is known for turning down roles that are not to her liking. She defended herself by saying that she wanted to have a role not because of the high salary but because she liked it. Noted movies which eventually made it big in the box office that she turned down are Casino Royale and The Devil Wears Prada. Despite having turned down these movies, she has received awards and nominations for parts she previously did. And yet she has remained down-to-earth all these times. Let's just hope she keeps it that way.

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