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Rachel Miner bio
Rachel Miner is a Broadway, movie, and television actress known for her marriage with child star Macaulay Culkin. They were married on 1998 but was soon divorced on 2000. The two-year marriage was expected to end in the first place anyway because many say that both of them were still too young. Rachel Miner was born in New York City on July 29, 1980. She was born in a show business-oriented family with her grandparents Frances Fuller, an actress and ,Worthington Miner as a producer and director. Her dad, Peter Miner, was also in the show business as a director. But what got everybody's attention was when she went totally naked in the movie Bully in 2001. In the said movie, she was completely naked and humping on a bed with her apparent boyfriend. This perhaps is proof enough that she is so over with her past marriage with the actor who played Richie Rich and was left Home Alone.

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