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Rebecca Loos bio
Controversy can certainly do someone good in show business, and in the case of Rebecca Loos, it has definitely worked to her advantage. It all started when she came out with her alleged affair with soccer star David Beckham. When wife Victoria was busy trying to relaunch her career, Rebecca Loos, then a personal assistant of the sports figure, claimed to step in and fulfill Victoria's wifely duties. This issue piqued the curiosity of the masses, and launched Rebecca Loos into stardom. Afterwards, she gave a statement proclaiming her bisexuality, and she even married Japanese-American model Jenny Shimizu, who's known for her past relationship with Angelina Jolie, on television. Currently, Rebecca Loos is busy trying to hype up her television career. Her first notable T.V. stint was in Shownieuws, and after this, she's had string of not so successful appearances in reality shows and contests. Her latest television project is her participation in Spain's version of “Survivor” and in “Cirque de Celebrite."

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