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Rene Russo bio
Rene Russo is an Italian(father)-American(mother) actress who started her career as a model. She was discovered while watching a Rolling Stones concert in 1972 at the age of 16. She soon signed contract with Ford modeling agency and appeared in many magazine covers including Vogue. Rene modeled her way into the 70s and 80s until she got some acting lessons and started appearing in theaters across Los Angeles. Rene’s first television appearance was in the television series Sable in 1987. On the other hand, her first major break was when she appeared in the movie Lethal Weapon in 1992 in which she was critically acclaimed. She also became popular when she appeared in the movie The Thomas Crown Affair opposite Pierce Brosnan in 1999. Rene Marie Russo was born on February 17, 1954 in Burbank, California and was married to screenwriter Dan Gilroy in 1992. They live in Brentwood, Los Angeles with their daughter Rose.

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