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Rhona Mitra bio
Rona Mitra is an English Actress. She was born on August 9, 1976 in Paddington, London, England. Her father, Anthony Mitra, is part Indian and part English while her mother, Nora Mitra, is Irish. Mitra attended an all-girls schools, including Roedean, but was eventually expelled. Her mixed exotic and stunning British beauty with a voluptuous figure made her a live action model for Lara Croft from Eidos Interactive’s “Tomb Raider” video game series. Meanwhile, she got her first break in the movies in an appearance with Clive Owen in “Croupier” on 1998. Hereafter, Mitra appeared for roles in “A Kid in Aladdin’s Palace,” “Monk Dawson”, both in 1998, “Hollow Man” with Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Shue, and also with Sylvester Stallone on “Get Carter.” In the 2001 issue of Maxim Hot 100 Women, Mitra was ranked number 46. Indeed, Rhona Mitra has upswing from video game vixen to steam up the screen on film and television.

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