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Rosie Perez bio
Rosie Perez started her career as a dancer on Soul Train, a long-running American music-related syndicated television program which featured mostly R&B, hip-hop, jazz, gospel, and of course, soul music. From there, she went on to choreograph music videos for Bobby Brown, LL Cool J, The Boys, and Diana Ross. In 1990, a dancing group called the Fly Girls was regularly seen on the television show In Living Color. Just like the other artists she worked for, she also has choreographed for Fly Girls whose members would become the famous Jennifer Lopez. Rosa Maria Perez was born in Brooklyn, New York which is very evident in her roles in movies. Spike Lee was the one who introduced her to the movie industry. In her roles, she always incorporates her Brooklyn accent. Rosie was born on September 6, 1964 and has been credited not only for her acting and dancing but also in directing.

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