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Sara Foster was a model known for her brief stint on the ET on MTV in 2000. The said show was a rip-off of the Entertainment Tonight television show way back in 1981. After that brief hosting, she was included in the cast of Big Bounce in 1994. Big Bounce was a remake of the previous adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel. After that, she appeared in numerous television shows including the HBO series Entourage where she played as herself. She also appeared in Back Street Boys' video Shape of My Heart. She also had a movie in 2004 called D.E.B.S. as a crime fighting agent named Angela Robinson. Sara Foster is an American actress with Canadian decent born on August 2, 1981. She has been named by Maxim as #10 on the list of Hottest Women in the US in 2005. Another men's magazine, Stuff, featured her in the 2007 calendar as Miss June. Her biggest contribution so far was when she introduced Ashton Kutcher to Demi Moore.

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