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Selma Blair bio
The 23rd of June 1972 signaled the birth of Selma Blair Beitner in the humble town of Southfield, Michigan. Blair had her eyes set on a career in photography which motivated her to seek her dream in the cut-throat city of New York upon finishing a combined degree in Fine Arts and English from Michigan University. However, the moment she set foot on the City that never sleeps, it dawned upon her that her destiny was not behind the camera but rather, in front of it. Her first acting gig was on a 1993 T.V. series “The Adventures of Pete and Pete”, and this was then followed by spot roles in “Soldier of Fortune, Inc.” and “Promised Land”. She also made a decisive career move when she starred in low-key movies such as “Girl”, “Strong Island Boys”, and “Brown’s Requiem.” Blair achieved mainstream stardom with her performance in “Cruel Intentions” which made her win in the Best Kiss category of the MTV Movie Awards. She was also nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance for her role as Cecille Cadwell.

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