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Who could ever forget that hot and scandalous girl from American Pie? You know, that girl who did a real number on Jim, with a hot body and an oozing charisma to back it all up, itís no wonder America went ga-ga over her hot number. This girl, in real life, is Shannon Elizabeth, born in Houston, Texas on September 7, 1973. Shannon started out as a fashion model but was able to gain mainstream stardom with her sizzling performance on the 1999 comedy hit, American Pie. Prior to American Pie, Shannon had an acting gig on several low budget films including Jack Frost. After her stint in American Pie, she has then appeared on various Hollywood hits such as Scary Movie and Tomcats. Shannon Elizabeth was a mainstay on Cuts, a UPN series, until it was pulled off on air in May 2006. Shannon, with her voluptuous and sizzling body, has also appeared on several men's magazines. In 1999, she had posed nude in Playboy magazine and was also featured in Maxim magazine on 2003.

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