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Shannon Whirry bio
Born on November 7, 1964 in Green Lake, Wisconsin, Shannow Whirry has been known for her professional endeavors on the realm of erotic B-movies. Despite her rigorous training under the American Academy for Dramatic arts during the mid-80's, Shannon Whirry still insisted on working in erotic films wherein during the early 90's Tweed had the privilege to work with other erotic queens of that era. Such queens that Whirry had worked with were Tanya Roberts, Maria Ford, Delia Sheppard, and Shannon Tweed. Under the masterful mind of Director Gregory Hippolyte, Shannon's innate glamorous features where highlighted on movies such as Animal Instincts 1 and 2, and Mirror Images 2. Shannon Whirry has also delivered a stellar performance in Private Obsession and Playback, which are both under Playboy productions. As demands for roles in softcore movies reached a certain decline, Shannon Whirry started exploring other film genres such as sci-fi, horror, and action. She later on managed to land a recurring role as Velda on the television series Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer and had also guest appearances on several hit TV shows such as ER, V.I.P., Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, Felicity, Malcolm in the Middle, and Nash Bridges.

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