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Sharon Stone bio
With several Academy Award nominations; several Golden Globe and Emmy awards, itís undeniable that Sharon Stone is one of the most successful American actresses/producers in the industry of American entertainment. Born on March 10, 1958, Stone steadily rose to popular stardom through her innate passion and talent in the realm of entertainment. Stone was able to grab the public's attention and gained mainstream prominence with her outstanding performance in the 1992 Hollywood blockbuster film, Basic Instinct. It was in Europe when Sharon Stone finally decided to become a full-time actress, so she quit modeling and packed her bags for New York. She was then cast for a bit role that only lasted for a short period of time in Allen's Stardust Memories in 1980 that had become a huge success. She then had a speaking part a year later in the horror movie, Deadly Blessing. She was then discovered by French director Claude Lelouch through her work in Stardust Memories. He was so impressed with her performance that he gave her a role in his feature film entitled, "Les Uns et Les Autres" back in 1982. She has also appeared on several 80's cult hits such as King Solomon's Mines in 1985, and Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold in 1987. However, her career reached its all-time high with her appearance with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990 blockbuster film, Total Recall.

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