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Sybil Danning bio
Making a splash performance on many B-movies, action films, and science fiction films, Sybil Danning became a very notable sex symbol in the 80’s. Born on May 24, 1952 in Ried, Austria, she already became an actress at the age of 16 after her runaway from home. With her innate determination couple with her voluptuous figure, she was able to establish her niche in the realm of movies. She had appeared on various 1980’s films by landing a role on Battle beyond the Stars, Reform School Girls, They’re Playing with Fire, Chained Heat, plus a guest appearance on an episode of the 1980’s cult TV classic, V. Through the course of her career, she constantly made appearances at science fiction conventions, while making her come-back on the silver screen in the 2006 feature film, Jump. In 2007, she is set to appear on Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’ film Grindhouse. She also specifically would be playing a role in the Rob Zombie directed segment, “Werewolf Women on the SS.”

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