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Born on the exquisite town of Saint Denis, France on the 27th day of December 1973, Tabatha Cash was primarily a French porno actress who starred on various early 1990ís porno videos and had made several appearances on various magazine covers. Her undisputed exotic looks and her lively orgasmic performances on-screen established her as one of the most sought after performers among both French and European audiences. She was born into a pitiful working class family, and as a teenager, she was mostly involved with a notorious gang leader, and she also spent time in a youth prison. She then turned into nude modeling at a very young age while still attending school to make enough money to get out of the ghetto. Years later, she worked in the porn industry for four years in the U.S. and France, but then she decided to quit upon reaching the height of her fame, claiming that acting in porn movies was the same as working as a prostitute but only with a camera present.

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