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Tatu bio
t.A.T.u. is a Russian pop music duo that is comprised of teenagers Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova and was formed in mid-1999 by writer Ivan Shapovalov, in Moscow. t.A.T.u. is by far the most successful musical international act from Russia. Their breakout album, 200 Po Vstrechnoy was hailed as the first Russian album to achieve gold status internationally. Subsequently, the release of their debut English album, 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane, rendered this Russian duo with the title as the first act to receive an IFPI Platinum Europe Award for the same album in two different languages. Their success can be attributed to attention-grabbing scandals brought about by the lesbian image displayed by Katina and Volkova. Writer Shapovalov, all of these things were done to increase public interest towards the group. In fact, in a reality show in December, 2003 dubbed as the Anatomy of t.A.T.u. that probed the career of t.A.T.u., it became apparent that the duo was not actually lesbians in real life. It was revealed that this lesbian image was only to stir public attention.

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