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Terri Runnels bio
Born on October 5, 1966, Terri Ann Boatwright Runnels, or simply Terri Runnels, is widely known for eight-year career with the World Wrestling Entertainment. Terri Runnels originally started out as a make-up artist for CNN, working in the same studios in which episodes of WCW were shot. When Ted Turner purchased the WCW in 1988, the booker Ole Anderson asked her to become part of the roster. Terri’s official debut in WCW was in 1990 where she appeared as Miss Alexandra Anderson, an accountant who fore fronted the wrestling faction dubbed as the York Foundation. Her group, The York Foundation, used finance as a theme for their ringside gimmicks and stories. Teri started to appear in the World Wrestling Federation at the 1996 Royal Rumble as Marlena, the cigar-smoking manager and wife of her off-screen husband, Dustin Runnels. She also managed the eccentric, bisexual, cross-dressing wrestler, Goldust until November 3, 1977.

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