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Thora Birch bio
Thora Birch was a child actress who elated herself successfully to the adult film world via a successful and blockbuster hit portrayal in "American Beauty" where she costarred with Hollywood greats Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening. Prior to American Beauty, Birch was going around the circuit, having her taste of the entertainment biz at a very young age. She has landed her first TV commercial at 4, her first film "Purple People Eater" at 6, and her first TV show "Parenthood" at 8. The five foot, four inches tall Birch was born and bred in the city of stars, Los Angeles, on March 11th of 1982. She was named after the God of Thunder in Norse mythology, Thor, so it is no longer surprising when she took Hollywood for a spin with her insatiable talent and green-eyed beauty. Past American Beauty, Birch made equally remarkable film like "The Smokers", "Dungeons and Dragons", "The Hole", "Ghost World", "Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story", "Slingshot", "Dark Corners", Shamrock Boy, and Tainted Love. Up next: Birch is realizing her dream to be a director through "The Doomed Planet", a video short.

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